A Wedding In Italy

A Wedding In Italy

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Many couples are not satisfied with a traditional wedding in their home town, in the same setting they grew up. More and more couples wish a wedding to remember, a wedding which will be an unforgettable experience in a new country, away from the everyday experience of their own town. There are many beautiful countries and cities around the world to serve as the perfect wedding venue, yet many couples decide to organize their dream wedding in Italy. Prior to going to Italy, for your wedding and you live in the United State or Canada, its quite common to have a fun bachelor party planned. Make sure to give out the popular wedding favors or wedding sparklers to your guests and have a DJ scheduled.

There are many, many reasons why Italy is the number one choice for a wonderful wedding. Placed in the heart of Europe, the old country which has given us so much in terms of science, literature, art, music and architecture. It is a land where people value aesthetics and have an innate sense of beauty. This is the land of Romeo and Juliet, land of romance and love, where men love their women and sing songs and write poems to their chosen ones. The climate is wonderful, the summers are long and warm, and so you will have plenty of weekends to choose from. And there is not much to say about the food: there are not people who can say that they have not tried something of Italian food.

The land where the renaissance is still alive in the piazzas, the markets, the lively, narrow streets of ancient cities, covered with stone on which many generations have walked on. Tuscany, for example, will be a wonderful wedding setting, with beautiful renaissance villas in the countryside, surrounded by golden fields, beautiful vineyards and slim, elegant cypress trees, especially in the region of Val d`Orcia. Many of these villas, somewhere complete medieval towns, have been preserved to look almost exactly the same as 800 years ago  and Italians take great pride of this fact.

A little bit to the south, you will find the region of Amalfi coast and Capri Island. Celebrated in movies and literature, it was and is the preferred venue of Italian nobles, celebrities and politicians. Nowadays, a trip to this region close to Naples will be a perfect present for your bride. You can stay in beautifully colored houses close to the sea, smell the yellow lemon trees and dip your feet in the clear, turquoise seas.

A more classical venue, especially for people which have their roots there, Sicily is certain to charm you. The island of history and folklore, formed under the influence of many cultures, languages and rulers, it will offer wonderful food, beautiful seas and charming countryside locations for a perfect wedding.

If you prefer the north of Italy, there is a plethora of incredible towns to choose from, each one with a unique story, customs and traditions: from Venice in the east to Turin and Genoa in the west. Milan, Bologna, Verona, Padua and, finally, the eternal Florence, the city of arts. Whichever town you choose, you will not make a mistake, because all of them have so much to offer for you and your loved one. You can get more bridal infos online or check this sparkler retailer.

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