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Court: Government agencies can charge 'reasonable' fees for finding records
West Virginia's FOIA law states that the public body may establish fees reasonably calculated to reimburse it for its actual cost in making reproductions of such records. Kanawha Circuit Judge Charles E. King Jr. looked at the words “actual cost in …
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GOP repeal stance runs into complications, in deep red West Virginia
Here's a really interesting example of how the GOP Obamacare repeal stance is running into complications even in a deep red state like West Virginia. It also shows how Dems can seek to turn the Obamacare war of anecdotes to their advantage by …
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West Virginia editorial roundup
Programs to help U.S. servicemen and women suffering from mental challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder, have been around for decades. Clearly, more effort needs to be put into them. After Army Spc. Ivan Lopez shot and killed three people …
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